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A New 5 Line Breakdown to Einstein’s Equation



Hmmm, what did Einstein mean by E=MC2? I know science has defined and made great discoveries from this equation, BUT…. ¬†What if it can be looked at another way?***

***Just Fun Rambling to get you thinking in a different way ūüėČ ¬†Beautiful Minds Unite!!! ¬†LOL ūüėČ

So here’s the breakdown on Einstein’s Equation:

  • Imagine for a moment that¬†(E)¬†is your manifestation power. ¬†Which is equal to:
  • “M”¬†the “EMOTION” you have towards the “Thought” which is¬†C.
  • But the emotions multiplied by thought over time.
  • Where time is the multiplying factor¬†“X”
  • And squared “2”¬† times, ITSELF, ¬†which is the observer watching the observed…..

So with that new equation… ¬†Does that mean if the emotion of the observer (Creation) and the emotion of the Observed don’t match, will you become negative? ¬† Would this mean that the only constant is love? ¬†The emotion of the Observer… ¬†Thought please ūüôā


~N Love