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A New 5 Line Breakdown to Einstein’s Equation



Hmmm, what did Einstein mean by E=MC2? I know science has defined and made great discoveries from this equation, BUT….  What if it can be looked at another way?***

***Just Fun Rambling to get you thinking in a different way 😉  Beautiful Minds Unite!!!  LOL 😉

So here’s the breakdown on Einstein’s Equation:

  • Imagine for a moment that (E) is your manifestation power.  Which is equal to:
  • “M” the “EMOTION” you have towards the “Thought” which is C.
  • But the emotions multiplied by thought over time.
  • Where time is the multiplying factor “X”
  • And squared “2”  times, ITSELF,  which is the observer watching the observed…..

So with that new equation…  Does that mean if the emotion of the observer (Creation) and the emotion of the Observed don’t match, will you become negative?   Would this mean that the only constant is love?  The emotion of the Observer…  Thought please 🙂


~N Love