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What Albert Einstein Said About YOU!


Now in the last post, I told you that your spiritual energy and the energy that science talks about is the same energy.  There is no difference between the energy in physics, chemistry, biology, or even a crystal.  It’s simply different forms of the same energy….  You also learned that energy is omniscient.  You may be wondering just HOW this applies to you….  Well in Albert Einstein’s world famous equation he explains it….  E=MC2, energy is the same as matter that moves at the speed of light times 2.  So Einstein basically said mass/matter is energy.  Your body has a mass so you are energy….  Crystals has a mass so they are energy….Your computer has mass and it is energy….

If you want to work with crystals and become more in tune with your higher self….  Then it’s time to discover WHAT energy is, and HOW it works.  Once you know this, you will have the KEY to unlocking your unlimited potential.



Before we go further let’s take a brief look at an atom.  It all goes back to those confusing days of science…  You were taught that everything in the Universe is made of atoms.  And atoms are made of “electrically charged” particles.  So what makes up an atom is really moving energy.  Within an atom, electrons orbit and are “arranged”  around a center nucleus.  Electrons can either behave as waves or particles.  The “behavior” and “chemistry” of an atoms depend on HOW the electrons move and are arranged in their orbitals.  Atoms are arranged according to the number of protons in the nucleus.  Or what I like to call their “atomic frequencies”.  Atoms make up molecules, and molecules combine into the basic building blocks of YOUR body.  And the chemical reactions that go on in your body….  Well that’s a topic of another post lol.  But it all goes back to these atoms and the energy they possess….


According to Einstein’s “Special Relativity”, your body at rest possesses MC2 (unlimited potential) “rest energy”.  Because energy is transferred, your body has the POWER to transform this “rest energy” into the chemical reactions which cause your body to move.  (And you can transform this energy with a single thought!)

Einstein knew that there was unlimited amounts of energy that can be harvested from one atom….  It was during a critical time of war that his theory was put into action.  German forces were creating devastation, all over the World.  And to stop the war and the devastation Germany was causing…  Einstein wrote to Roosevelt about his theories on uranium, and this led to the creation of the atomic bomb (Einstein later regretted this).  Within the nucleus of a single atoms contains extraordinary power.  But what gives atoms their power is not the protons, neutrons, or electrons, but the movement and interaction of the subatomic particles that create them, called quarks.



The atoms of crystals are locked into a stable, lattice.  Energy flows through crystals evenly in all directions.  Because their structure is fixed, crystals have a lot of potential energy just waiting to be tapped into.  And the wonderful thing is, you have the power to unlock and use this potential energy.    This energy is the basis of who you are, and how to raise your vibration.  And when you learn how to work with and interact with crystals, you learn how to take this potential “rest energy” and use it to transform your life.  This movement and arrangement of energy has a name, and ties in with your chakras.  There is no one better to explain this movement than Nikola Tesla himself.  In the next post, we’ll get into Tesla, and what he has to say about YOU!



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The Secret Science of Crystal Healing #1

The Secret Science of Healing Crystals

The Secret Science of Healing Crystals

Hey what’s up Nakia here from Healing Crystals Love….  Sorry it has been sooooooo long since I posted.  I have been spending months finalizing this AMAZING new project.  Yes it’s good to stop and smell the rose, but in this case, too busy is a great thing!  🙂

Do you want to know what’s really going on when it comes to crystal healing?  Is what they say about crystals really true?  Well I’ve been doing some research…  Yes 8 long years to be exact, what can I say, I’m a NERD lol….  What I found will absolutely AMAZE you!  Not only do I believe in the magic of crystal healing More than EVER before….

But I can say with confidence it works because SCIENCE actually SHOWS that crystals work!  So I am putting together something special so you understand crystal healing in a whole NEW way.  When you understand the science behind crystal healing… You will have the power to instantly raise your vibration, KNOW how to speak the language of crystals, and KNOW how to use crystals in your life AND the lives of others.

In order for you to understand this new realm of crystal consciousness, you have to understand the nature of the Universe, YES, the very essence of what the Universe is, AND ultimately WHO you are….  And it ALL boils down to is energy.  I was driven by a feeling that there was a science behind crystals, and 8 years ago, without realizing it, I began that research.  It wasn’t until about a year ago that the information began to come together and I realized….  Maybe I am looking at this all wrong….  And it was at that moment, I realized I had been making a critical mistake.  I was looking at spiritual energy and scientific energy as two separate energies…


I had a flashback…  Take a moment and imagine when you were younger…  I remember in those basic science classes that energy is neither created nor destroyed….  This means there is no beginning or end.  This would mean energy is omniscient.  In order to accomplish this feat of omniscience, energy is transferred and changes forms.  As I had this flashback, I realized…  We’re all talking about the SAME energy lol.  We learn about it even in elementary school, and this energy Scientist even agree, make up EVERYTHING in the “Universe” lol.  WooooHoooo…  Progress.

If this is the case, the energy of consciousness, your vibration, the energy Einstein and Tesla talk about, and how to heal with crystals can all be proved through SCIENCE.  Because it’s all the same energy.  And when you think back to your basic science classes, even Albert Einstein said the same thing, and he was a GENIUS….  Call me crazy, but who wants to argue with a genius lol.   But what does Albert Einstein KNOW about the Universe?  And what does that have to do with Crystals and YOUR vibration?

Stay tuned for the next post, and we’ll explore exactly what Einstein has to say about YOUR energy, and the World famous equation that proved it.

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