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So You Want to Become A Manifestation Master?

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So you said you want to become a Manifestation MASTER?  Well do you believe?  Although your reality is reflecting your bank account is -$11.11, can you believe it really says $11,111,111,111.33?  Can you then change the behavior that created the negative account?

If you want to manifest, belief is the key.  Belief is similar to falling in love, put simply, you do things that you wouldn’t normally do, you change.  The evidence of belief is in your actions.  And when your actions are aligned with your thoughts, you can easily manifest your desires.

You come from an abundant Universe, the Universe abundantly gives you whatever you ask for.  And what you say, and your actions are a reflection of what you’re asking the Universe for.  In order to change your life, you have to say and act in different ways.  You act in ways that show you believe the words coming out of your own mouth.


If you want to save $1,000, but you continuously spend all your money, don’t expect the Universe to help you save.  The Universe will give you more ways to spend.  However, the moment you start saving, it’s like you’ve entered the Universal savings program.  Not only will the Universe match your donation…  It will multiply it for you too.  But you have to first show the Universe you are willing to save.

Sending Love, Hugs, and Many Blessings,


You want to know more about “How To Change”…  Stay tuned for the next blog.


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Author: N. Love

There was a time when I had a HUGE collection of crystals and no clue what to do with them. It seemed like crystal after crystal would just call me, and I would "Have to have it". Yes I must confess, I was a crystal hoarder. But then one day an amazing thing happened. I was at my lowest point, I didn't want to be around anyone, and I felt sad and lonely. I felt like nothing in this life would ever go right. That's when I felt a call. A crystal, drawing me in to its energy. So I grabbed the crystal and instinctively I just laid down and begins to breath. And as I lay there with the crystal, that's when I felt better. I knew I wasn't going crazy because it was like that endless stream of negative thinking was gone. That was the day that I knew there was something more to crystals. That was the day I went from hoarding crystals to using them to heal myself as well as others. I'm a Crystal Healer and Spiritual Coach, I've been down the road you are on, and I can show you how to use crystals in an organized way that will help you transform your life ;)

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