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WARNING: Be Careful What You Wish For…. The Universe is Abundant!

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Close up of human hand breaking bricks

Have you ever had a challenging day?   AHHHHHHH!  You feel like you could beat your head against a wall….  No, maybe throw a computer out the window…  Yes, that will do lol.

I had a day like this.  I was fired up and ready for blood….  I was so heated, I got the nerve to ask the Universe WHY!!!!   I am tenacious, and I was trying to get all these things done but I kept running into obstacles.  I was fired up with all this energy…  So I asked “Universe, why did you put all these obstacles in my path, you know it will only get me fired up and make me…..” and I stopped.  At that moment I knew exactly what was happening.  I asked for the fire, drive, and creativity to complete these new inspired ideas.  And here the Universe was putting obstacles in my path to get me fired up.  To give me the exact energy I needed to get the new projects completed with zest and enthusiasm.  For tenacious individuals, obstacles are the trigger for inspired thought and action 🙂

All I can say is “Thank You Universe”!  It can be easy to see difficulties and obstacles in your life as “The bitter END”!  But taking this approach will leave you downright frustrated, and creating more frustration lol.  The Universe is not vindictive, it simply gives you exactly what you ask for.   It’s your job to see and understand YOU created it, no matter how crazy it may seem at first.


Sending Love, hugs, and Many Blessings,

N. Love


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Author: N. Love

N. Love is an Adult Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Child lol... Don't know which one we're on. Her Grandma was a Healer and passed down to her, her healing arts. N. Love's blog is full of laughter and honesty. If provides a fun and loving atmosphere to heal :) Come get stoned and discover your path to healing with N. Love!

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