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Amazing Healing Power of Crystal And Stones

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Crystal Healing Stone

According to Chinese philosophy,

“The chi is life force energy inside our Body.”

This chi controls the different parts of our existence and it was said that crystal heal different parts of our body.

Stones carry different degree of intensity, frequency and energies from the past. Many of them have clearing and cleansing effect at physical and metaphysical and also spiritual levels.  They used to clear the air of your room, heals the physical wounds. There are many stones and crystal which carry different frequencies and also vibrating earth frequencies from the ground and soil of the earth so, they are also called as earth grounding stones.

Following are some stones or crystals that can heal your different parts of body.

  • Sodalite : it can reduces your blood pressure.
  • Beryl: it improves your liver function and also clears your throat.
  • Citrine: it helps improve your blood circulation.
  • Emerald: it is beneficial for people who suffer from insomnia; it helps in fighting with insomnia and helps you get sleep.
  • Amethyst: it can be used for general aches and pains, for headaches place it on your forehead. Amethyst unblocks those restricted energy and restore balance.
  • Moonstones: it helps to unblock energy restriction that is exacerbated by emotional and physical tension.
  • Clear quartz: it assists the body by restoring the health by unblocking certain negative energy. It improves immune system and also works to focus the mind.
  • Rose quartz: it is calming stone and helps to release anger and other feeling of negativity by encouraging the feeling of forgiveness.
  • Citrine: it is tallow it deep orange in color and crystal healing occurs when a person holds it in hand. It is also said develops one’s communication skills.

Most of the people take crystals or stones for granted. Once walk into the shop and touch, feel, and observe. That only experience only will remains for longer time.

Crystal healing is the process followed by the peoples of Greeks and Indians of ancient time they thought that stones provide light to another world. They use it as alternative therapy for a variety of diseases.

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Author: N. Love

There was a time when I had a HUGE collection of crystals and no clue what to do with them. It seemed like crystal after crystal would just call me, and I would "Have to have it". Yes I must confess, I was a crystal hoarder. But then one day an amazing thing happened. I was at my lowest point, I didn't want to be around anyone, and I felt sad and lonely. I felt like nothing in this life would ever go right. That's when I felt a call. A crystal, drawing me in to its energy. So I grabbed the crystal and instinctively I just laid down and begins to breath. And as I lay there with the crystal, that's when I felt better. I knew I wasn't going crazy because it was like that endless stream of negative thinking was gone. That was the day that I knew there was something more to crystals. That was the day I went from hoarding crystals to using them to heal myself as well as others. I'm a Crystal Healer and Spiritual Coach, I've been down the road you are on, and I can show you how to use crystals in an organized way that will help you transform your life ;)

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