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Actiona and Manifestation

So you have a thought and then what? You use your mind, think good thoughts, give gratitude and poof everything just happens…. Well, there is something missing… Belief…  And that belief is reflected in your ACTIONS.  You live in a Spiritual realm which is governed by thought.   You also live in a physical realm that is governed by action.  Manifestation goes both ways.  It’s your ability to take action on Divine inspiration, and align that inspiration with your actions.   Each time you perform an action you are manifesting something.  Any action done with the right mindset will produce the right results.    And over time, small actions, create major changes.

If you want to manifest abundance, simply look at your actions.  What are your actions telling the Universe.  Do they conflict with what you want to manifest?

I was having a session with a client and she wants to own her own business.  We were talking about the possibilities and she said “…But I’m broke”…  I didn’t hear her, right, because the words just did not compute.  (Talking about being broke is an action)…

I said “HUH, you’re broke and you come from a Universe of abundance?  So basically you’re telling the Universe you want an abundance of being broke”?  I think a lightbulb went off, because she laughed and I could tell she got it.  Her language immediately changed.

To manifest align your thoughts with your action, and you actions with your thoughts.


Sending YOU….Love, Hugs, and Many Blessings,

N. Love



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Author: N. Love

N. Love is an Adult Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Child lol... Don't know which one we're on. Her Grandma was a Healer and passed down to her, her healing arts. N. Love's blog is full of laughter and honesty. If provides a fun and loving atmosphere to heal :) Come get stoned and discover your path to healing with N. Love!

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