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Green Calcite Energy Meaning

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green calcite

Photography by N. Love


Fire, Water



Refreshing to the energetic body. Cools hot emotions, anger, and irritability.


Heart (4th) Chakra



  • Self-improvement or changes in habit needed.
  • People with social phobias.
  • Difficult childhood experiences.



  • Improves quality and depth of meditation.
  • Quiets the incessant inner voice of the thinking mind, allowing you to experience a wordless awareness.



  • Dreams more pleasant.


Energy Healing: Healers/Energy Healing:

  • Stimulates the overall ability to heal.
  • Clears heart chakra of stress & other unhealthy psychic debris.
  • Helps with those who have manifested disease due to self directed resentment and anger from a traumatic past.
  • Place directly over heart chakra to assist in releasing buried emotions that may have manifested into physical disease.
  • Stimulates the body to overcome decline and effects of aging.




  • Clears heart chakra of stress & other unhealthy psychic debris.
  • Opens the heart to Divine Love.




  • Softens the heart so you are more open and receptive to strangers.
  • Helps you forgive so you can release resentment and judgment of yourself and others.
  • Dissolve unbalanced patterns from the past that center around relationships and unhealthy emotional attachments.
  • Clear and relax during times of stress.



Feng Shui:

  • Brings fresh, rejuvenating energy to any room.




  • More attune with nature and the spirit of plants and animals.

Author: N. Love

N. Love is an Adult Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Child lol... Don't know which one we're on. Her Grandma was a Healer and passed down to her, her healing arts. N. Love's blog is full of laughter and honesty. If provides a fun and loving atmosphere to heal :) Come get stoned and discover your path to healing with N. Love!

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