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Fluorite Energy and Meaning

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Photography by N. Love



Chakras:Roost (1st) Chakra, Sacral (2nd) Chakra, Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra, Heart (4th) Chakra, Throat (5th) Chakra, Third Eye (6th) Chakra, Crown (7th) Chakra



  • People who need to make a lot of choices in a short time.
  • People who are in a mental fog.
  • Helps bring clarity to confusion and conflicting ideas.



  • Quiets worry and thoughts and anxiety about the future.


Energy Healing: Healers/Energy Healing:

  • Boosts access to higher levels of vibration to shift energy at that level.
  • Creates order out of chaos. Shifts chaotic vibrations to those of harmony.



Etheric vacuum cleaner, clearing cluttered thoughts, negativity, and astral junk that create a chaotic environment.



Clarity on what your destiny is, and an intuitive plan on how to manifest your destiny.


Feng Shui:

Scattered and disharmonious energy becomes cohesive and harmonic.



Helps both hemispheres of the brain to work together creating a whole brain state of enhanced mental and psychic abilities.




Has enhanced vibration of purification and access to domains of the higher mind and spirit.



Cleanse and heal heart chakra. Creates a cohesive plan between the mind and heart.



Author: N. Love

N. Love is an Adult Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Child lol... Don't know which one we're on. Her Grandma was a Healer and passed down to her, her healing arts. N. Love's blog is full of laughter and honesty. If provides a fun and loving atmosphere to heal :) Come get stoned and discover your path to healing with N. Love!

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