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Libyan Gold, Libyan Desert Glass Energy and Meaning

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libyan dessert

Photography by N. Love


Fire, Storm



Powerful, intense energy from meteor crash


Roost (1st) Chakra, Heart (4th) Chakra, Throat (5th) Chakra, Third Eye (6th) Chakra, Crown (7th) Chakra

*Focus:Sacral (2nd) Chakra, Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra,



  • People who feel as though they have not reached full potential.
  • People who take themselves too seriously.



Manifestation in the physical realm.



Energy Healing: Healers/Energy Healing:

Helps with energy keep energy from crossing over to you and from client to client.



  • Stimulates, activates, and revitalizes frequency, clearing sluggish energy around the second and third chakra.
  • Strengthen Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra.
  • Prevents Psychic Backwash.
  • Prevents others from taking energy from your solar plexus chakra.



  • Enhance strength will, ability to create and power of manifestation.
  • Empowers ability to state your mind when boundaries need to be set.
  • Brings insight to help resolve problems you may be facing in life.

Author: N. Love

N. Love is an Adult Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Child lol... Don't know which one we're on. Her Grandma was a Healer and passed down to her, her healing arts. N. Love's blog is full of laughter and honesty. If provides a fun and loving atmosphere to heal :) Come get stoned and discover your path to healing with N. Love!

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