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7 Chakras That Could Change Your Life


Seven chakras

Seven Chakras That Could Change Your Life

“We feel the emotion of love, and that emotion compels us to act.  It can not be seen, but no one can tell us that love does not exist.  This is the energetic body.  It is felt, it is sensed, and then all of a sudden, YOU KNOW!” ~N

When you think of your body, you think of what you see in the mirror every day.  Your body is more than a reflection in the mirror, it’s a complex system of… ENERGY.  This energy, your aura, is made up of small energy points called chakras.  Chakras are a group of color coded energy points.  The color coded energy systems work together like a battery pack to power the physical, spiritual, and emotional body.  If one system is out of balance, it throws the other systems out of balance.  This imbalance manifests in the physical world as emotional turmoil and dis-ease (disease).

When you know when your chakras are out of whack, you can take steps to fix them.  A balanced chakra mean a happy healthy you!  Let your body and emotions be your guide.  Your 7 chakras hold the key to health and happiness.  There are 7 Chakras:

1st Chakra: ROOT Chakra, Base Chakra

  • Sanscrit Name: MULADHARA
  • Color: RED
  • Element: Earth
  • Location: Base of spine in tailbone area, Perineum
  • Emotional Behavior: Survival Skills. Instinct. Financial Independence/Money.Security. Shelter. Food. Protection.
  • Balanced: Stability, Vitality, Loyalty, Career Success, Prosperity, Tanacity, Patience
  • Imbalanced:  Blood, Bowel, & Bone Disorders, Anorexia, Obesity, Anxiety, Flight or Fight, Depression
  • Healing Stones: Red, Black, or Brown: Garnet, Tourmaline, Jet, Smokey Quartz, Red Jasper, Red Aventurine, Ruby
  • Healing Essential Oils: Angelica Root, Benzoin, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Spikenard, Vetiver
2nd Chakra : SACRAL Chakra
  • Sanscrit Name: SVADHISTHANA
  • Color: ORANGE
  • Element: Water
  • Location: Lower abdomen, 2 inches below the navel and 2 inches in
  • Main Focus: Emotion, Sexuality, Creativity
  • Balanced:  Creativity, Emotional Balance, & Self Fufillment
  • Imbalanced: Genital Issues, Sexual & Fertility Problems, Hip, Sacroiliac Joint Problems, Dehydration, Withdrawal, Emptiness.
  • Healing Stones: Orange Calcite, Vandanite, Carnelian, Blue-Green Flourite, Citrine, Milky Quartz, Moonstone, Selenite
  • Healing Essential Oils: Bergamot, Cardamon, Clary Sage, Neroli, Orange, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang
 3rd Chakra: SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra
  • Sanscrit Name: MANIPURA
  • Color: Yellow
  • Element: Fire
  • Sense: Sight
  • Location: Upper abdomen in the stomach area; Lower Sternum: Xiphoid Process
  • Main Focus: Your Identity & Power
  • Balanced: Power, Charisma, Strong Will, Humor, Mental Clarity, Leadership
  • Imbalanced : Digestion, Kidney, Liver Problems.  Diabetes, Ulcers, Chronic Fatigue, Domination, Rage, Timidity,
  • Healing Stones: Citrine, Yellow Jasper, Golden Calcite, Amber, Golden Topaz, Sunstone
  • Healing Essential Oils: Black Pepper, Bergamot, Basil, Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Clove,  Ginger
4th Chakra: HEART Chakra
  • Sanskrit Name: ANAHATA
  • Color: GREEN
  • Element: Air
  • Sense: Touch
  • Location: Center of chest just above heart
  • Main Focus: Love/Passion, Joy, Acceptance, Inner peace, Relationships, Connection
  • Balanced:  Deeply in love and connected to everybody and everything. Love, Trust, Healing, Compassion, Surrender.
  • Imbalanced: Heart & Lung Problems, Apnea, Asthma, Breast Cancer, Allergy, Immune Disorders, Thymus Issues, Antisocial, Lonely
  • Healing Stones: Rose Quartz, Jade, Emerald, Watermelon Tourmaline, Green Aventurine, Malachite, Amazonite, Chrysocolla, Chrysophase, Kunzite, Morganite, Moss Agate, Rhodochrosite.
  • Healing Essential Oils: Rose, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Lavender, Benzoin, Lemon, Mandarin, Melissa, Neroli, Sandalwood
5th Chakra: THROAT Chakra
  • Sanscrit Name: VISHUDDHA
  • Color: BLUE
  • Element: Ether/Sound
  • Sense: Hearing
  • Location:  Throat
  • Main Focus: Communication. Expressive. Truth. Integrity
  • Balanced:  The throat chakra helps one conveys truth, loyalty and dedication with ease. Purpose, Self Expression, Artistry, Service.
  • Imbalanced: Thyroid or Hearing Problems, Teeth or Gum Issues, Tonsillitis, Still Neck/Shoulders, Lying, Fear of Speaking, Lack of Purpose.
  • Healing Stones: Sodalite, Celestite, Blue Calcite, Blue Kyanite, Angelite, Turquoise, Apatite, Aquamarine, Azurite, Celestite, Blue Lace Agate.
  • Healing Essential Oils: Hyssop, Blue Chamomile, Tangerine, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint, Spearmint, Tea Tree
6th Chakra – THIRD EYE Chakra, Brow Chakra
  • Sanskrit Name: AJNA
  • Color: INDIGO/Purple
  • Element: Light
  • Sense: Intuition
  • Location: Forehead between the eyes
  • Main Focus: Intuition/Psychic Abilities, Visualization, Wisdom, Memory, Clairvoyance, Dreams, Decisiveness.
  • Balanced: “Sixth Sense” associating with instinct and psychic abilities.Truth, Purpose, Expression Artistry, Service, “Sixth Sense”, Psychic abilities.
  • Imbalanced: Skepticism, Migraines, Visual Problems, Nightmares, Bipolar, Sleep Disorders, Sinus Issues, Hallucinations, Lack of Intuition
  • Healing Stones: Dark Blue or Purple:  Opal, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli, Sugulite, Amethyst, Charoite, Kyanite, Sodalite
  • Healing Essential Oils: Rosemary, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang,  Angelica Root, Bay Laurel, Clary Sage, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Tea Tree, Vetiver
7th Chakra: CROWN Chakra
  • Sanskrit Name: SAHAWARA
  • Color: Violet/Magenta/White
  • Element: Thought
  • Sense: Reflect
  • Location: The very top of head
  • Main Focus: Connection to Spirit & Wisdom, Inner & Outer Beauty, Bliss
  • Balanced : “Thousand Pedaled Lotus,” which bursts open when we reunite with our true spirit and encounter nirvana.  Unity, Wisdom, Awareness, Intelligence, Understanding, Miracles, Bliss, Absolute in your purpose and being.
  • Imbalanced: Confused with thought, Alheimers, Spaciness, mental illness, over intellectualism, Depression, Apathy, Learning Disability
  • Healing Stones: Clear Stones: Diamond,  Herkimer Diamond, White Calcite, White Topaz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Lepidolite, Moonstone, Purple Flourite, Selenite, Snow Quartz
  • Healing Essential Oils: Myrrh, Violet, Fankincense, Cedarwood, Elemi, Frankincense, Galvanum, Gurjum, Helichrysum, Jasmine, Lavender, Myrrh, Neroli, Rose, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Spikenard, Vetiver

Author: N. Love

There was a time when I had a HUGE collection of crystals and no clue what to do with them. It seemed like crystal after crystal would just call me, and I would "Have to have it". Yes I must confess, I was a crystal hoarder. But then one day an amazing thing happened. I was at my lowest point, I didn't want to be around anyone, and I felt sad and lonely. I felt like nothing in this life would ever go right. That's when I felt a call. A crystal, drawing me in to its energy. So I grabbed the crystal and instinctively I just laid down and begins to breath. And as I lay there with the crystal, that's when I felt better. I knew I wasn't going crazy because it was like that endless stream of negative thinking was gone. That was the day that I knew there was something more to crystals. That was the day I went from hoarding crystals to using them to heal myself as well as others. I'm a Crystal Healer and Spiritual Coach, I've been down the road you are on, and I can show you how to use crystals in an organized way that will help you transform your life ;)

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